Whether you are a doomsday prepper, or you just really want to be prepared for any major catastrophe, there is one factor that remains quite a hurdle: power sources. Do you know how you will power everything that is important? Refrigeration for food? Light at night? Contact with the outside world? Solar power can be your answer for everything. Here are some solar-powered devices you cannot survive without.

Solar-Powered Generators

Forget fossil fuels and propane; these could be easily depleted or your generator could explode by raiders. If you have a solar-powered generator, you have power as long as the sun exists. One of these compact little generators can collect enough power daily to help you get light at night and keep a refrigerator full of food going.

The extra plug-in outlets on the outside can charge your cellphone and other communication devices. Since these generators cost just slightly more than the ones that require gasoline or propane, why not buy the one that will have an endless supply of power via the sun?

Solar-Powered Coolers and Refrigerators

If you want your solar-powered generator to be used for other things than a refrigerator, you can invest in a solar-powered refrigerator. You can also buy camping refrigerators that use solar power, and coolers that use solar power as well. Using these devices, you could have a well-stocked pantry for emergencies, and know that you do not have to rely on electricity whatsoever to keep your cold and frozen foods.

Solar Radios

If the whole world does not go down in flames, but catastrophe has struck, a radio is essential for finding out where the safe zones are. Solar radios are portable radios that utilize the sun's power so that you never need batteries or electricity. The solar panels on these radios send power right into the radio. It may take a couple minutes to charge, but if you leave the radio in the sunlight, you can listen for any and all signals that are transmitting.

Solar Batteries for Electric Fencing

Keep your property and home safe with an electric fence. When electrical power is down and has completely failed, you can purchase solar batteries that keep your electrical fence up and running. As long as the wires are continuous, the battery will run electrical shocks along the wires. If you had to cut wires for any reason, you will need another solar battery to feed the next line of continuous wire.