Are you planning to buy a generator? If so, you will need to decide whether or not you want to include an electric transfer switch. This is a component of generator systems that can be essential in some cases and optional in others. These switches automatically activate electricity to run off of generators when homes or businesses lose power from standard power grids. Generators that are installed without this feature require manual activation. This is why transfer switches are often the norm in settings such as correction facilities, factories, and medical facilities. The following points will help you to better understand why you should consider one too.


During a power outage, dangerous conditions may be present. It could be something as simple as you not being able to see due to a blackout in your area, which means that you could be at risk for tripping and falling down while trying to get to candles, flashlights, or a manual transfer switch. Automatic electric transfer switches can also protect general safety of citizens in communities. For example, an extended blackout could place some homeowners in certain areas at risk for break-ins or other criminal activities. 


Imagine having a generator that requires the use of a manual transfer switch and not knowing how to turn it on. This is something that could happen if you do not learn to use a generator that requires manual operation. Another possibility is that you may know how to activate the generator, but the outage could occur during a time when other family members are home and you are not. Having a generator with an automatic transfer switch also ensures that individuals who have medical equipment in their homes that require electricity do not have to go for periods of time without being able to use their equipment. Sometimes summer storms are the cause of power outages, and having a generator with an automatic electric transfer switch will ensure that you and your family do not have to endure sweltering summer heat. If you have an electric stove, you also will not be inconvenienced if an outage occurs in the middle of preparing a meal. 

Electrician and energy providers are good resources to learn more reasons why having an electric transfer switch available during power outages is useful. They can also explain how it may be more advantageous than having to manually turn on your generator. For example, individuals with mobility issues would likely be better off with a transfer switch as well as homes that have generators installed in areas that are difficult to navigate too.