Your business may have come with fluorescent lighting, but you don't have to keep it. Here are some of the many reasons why LED troffer lights are actually superior to fluorescent lights and will likely save you money in the long-run. 

The LED Lifespan

An LED light operates in a manner that leads to LEDs having a much longer life than fluorescent lights. Oftentimes, they even have a ten-year manufacturer warranty. LED lights are especially useful when you must frequently turn the lights on and off since they are less affected by this than fluorescent lights are. For a typical commercial space, you can expect thousands of dollars in savings over the life of an LED troffer light. 

Heat Generated by LED

In some cases, LED lights might be your only practical option. Because of how cool-to-the-touch LED lights are, you can place them in locations that are heat-sensitive. LED lights are cool because they are much more efficient at converting energy into light. Because they do not generate as much heat, they will not cost you as much in AC costs compared with other lighting options. 

Lighting Control and Color

When you own fluorescent lights and you need to have control over them, you might install dimmable ballasts. However, these are expensive and inefficient. LED dimming technology is much more affordable and can rely on sensors to adjust lighting to the perfect level. Dimmer switches are important for many professionals who would struggle to see properly and perform their work effectively without control over their light sources. LED lights are also much easier on the eyes thanks to how they combine red, green and blue. 

If your business wants to achieve a specific effect through colored light, the best option is to use LED lights. This is especially helpful for professionals who are prone to headaches. A few adjustments to the amount of light emitted by LED lights and the color of your LED lights can reduce the number of headaches in your office, which can help make your office more productive.

LED troffer lights are able to distribute light evenly throughout your office more efficiently than fluorescent lights. You won't have areas that are more difficult to see in compared with other forms of lighting that will leave light and dark areas. It's easier to install many small LED lights that can ensure an entire room is illuminated.

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