Renewable energy is revolutionizing the power grid in many areas of the country. This is due to the ability of residential renewable power systems to allow homeowners to produce energy that they can sell to their local utility company.

Do You Have To Sell Your Renewable Power For Energy Credits?

Some homeowners may be worried that they will have no ability to control the amount of power that is being sold for energy credits. As a result, they may be worried that most of the power their renewable system is producing may be sold to the electrical utility. However, only the excess power from the system will be sold to the utility company under these agreements. This will allow you to take advantage of these programs, such as the PJM energy credits, without having a major impact on the quality of life in your home.

Will Your Renewable Power System Need Bulky Equipment Added?

Homeowners will often assume that they will need to install bulky electrical equipment to be able to participate in these programs. While some equipment and changes may be needed for the renewable power system, these are often fairly minor. The exact changes will depend on the particular renewable energy system you have installed. For example, some solar panel systems will come with this ability built into them. Other systems may require converters to be installed so the power can be sent back through the electrical power lines. In situations where this additional equipment is needed, you will find that it is far more compact than you may have anticipated, which can allow for it to be kept discrete.

How Will You Receive Compensation For The Energy Credits?

The manner in which you are compensated for the energy your system is providing will be another important detail to review as it will largely be determined by the local rule and laws covering the electrical utilities in your state. One of the most common methods of compensating individuals for this energy will be through the use credits applied towards future energy bills. However, many states and utility companies can also provide compensation through the issuance of checks or direct deposits. Understanding the rules that your energy utility must follow will allow you to better anticipate the type and method of compensation that you will receive for participating in an energy credits program. For those that can choose from several energy utilities, it may be wise to review the policies from all of them so that you choose the one with the best return.