LED high bay lights tend to outperform traditional lights with ease. Their long lifespan, cost-saving energy efficiency, and impressive light quality have made them popular. Therefore, it is no surprise that the market is filled with many LED high bay light options. And selecting which LEDs to use can be daunting, especially if you don't know what will best serve your purpose. This LED high bay light buying guide article explains how to choose the best LEDs for your needs.

Use of Space

Before installing high bay LED light fixtures, you must consider the space you'll use. You need to figure out how you'll use the space, the size of your space that requires lighting, and how high the ceiling is. The answers to these questions are essential because the purpose of the space influences lighting style.

Below is a guide you can refer to for help.


Your warehouse should have enough light for clear vision and ensure your workers remain safe. The LED high bay light option you select should provide enough light for clear visibility. 

Storage Rooms

Your storage room's purpose is to store goods. Therefore, the light should only be enough for clear vision during storage and retrieving goods. 

Sports Stadiums

The purpose of a sports arena will help you determine your lighting needs. Therefore, lighting needs in a sports stadium vary. For a large capacity meeting, one will need a low lux rated lighting than a sporting event. 

The Different Types Of LED High Bay Lights

Once you've identified the purpose of your space, the next thing is to identify the type of LED high bay light to use. You should consider this factor because every kind of LED high bay light has different lighting coverages and qualities that should be aligned to your needs.

Linear High Bay Light Fixtures

You'll commonly find these LEDs in wide-open spaces like warehouses, conference halls, grocery stores, and event centers. Linear High Bay Light Fixtures provide rectangular illumination to suit the needs of these vast and open spaces. And that's the reason they're long with varying widths.

Round High Bay Light Fixtures

You can also call them UFO high bays. That's because they have a saucer-like shape. And their lighting coverage (circular light beam) is similar to that of the UFOs (unidentified flying objects) in movies. This circular light beam is powerful and offers widespread lighting. Therefore, they're popular in sports stadiums, airport hangars, warehouses, and factories.

High Bay Vapor Tight Fixtures

These are specialized LED high bay lights designed to protect the inner parts of the LEDs from dust, vapor, fumes, corrosion, and rust. Due to this protection feature, they're easy to water clean. They are often installed in food processing plants, swimming pools, and industrial kitchens.

Visit an LED high bay light dealer and look at the options available.