The world is slowly switching to solar energy, and most homeowners are now open to solar panel installations. And if you are ready to make the switch, you should consider hiring a professional solar installer. Don't be tempted to do a DIY solar installation, as you might make costly mistakes. Here is why you should go for a professional solar panel installation.

General Safety

Unless you want to install your solar panels on the ground, you should always be concerned about your safety. Installing solar panels on the roof is no easy task. You must be careful not to fall off the roof. And since you don't have any safety equipment to work on pitched roofs, you should leave the solar panel installation task to the pros. This way, you won't expose yourself to unnecessary risks.

You Must Follow Building Codes

You just can't wake up and decide to install solar panels on your roof. Most cities, towns, and neighborhoods have specific building codes you must follow when installing solar panels. Unfortunately, you might not be familiar with these codes because you don't specialize in solar panel installation. That said, you should have professionals do the installation for you. These installers know the building codes you must follow and will also get you the necessary permits.

Electrical Safety

Electrical safety is also a major concern during DIY solar system installation. When installing your solar panels and storage batteries, you must be familiar with electrical connections. Otherwise, you might make some mistakes that might cause electrical fires. These mistakes could also harm your appliances and electricals. That said, you should hire a professional solar installer to execute the project. These professionals have electrical knowledge of how to make the connections.

Avoid Damaging Your Roof

Since you have to install the panels on your roof, you must be careful not to ruin the roof. Unfortunately, most DIYers might damage the roof by trying to install solar panels. So, always have a professional install your solar panels to avoid roof leaks, cracked shingles, and other roofing problems. 

Good Home Resale Value

Homes with solar panel systems have been in high demand lately. As such, you'd want the solar installation on your home done right. Potential buyers will appreciate homes with high-quality solar panel installations. At least you'll get to sell your home for a good price if the system is done perfectly. That said, you should stay away from DIY solar installations if you plan to sell your home in the future.

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